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Welcome to Bauer Falls, where the tranquility of nature meets luxury. Experience the elegance of National Parks right in your backyard with award-winning waterfalls and landscaping services. As winners of St. Louis Homes + Lifestyles Garden of the Year, we specialize in creating breathtaking man-made waterfalls, walkways, and stone walls right in your backyard.

Caleb Bauer won 5 Under 40 for his artistry in designing and constructing widespread waterfalls by finessing large boulders into place for beauty and stability much like a jeweler sets diamonds. A visionary craftsman with the unique ability to fit large boulders right into place, creating both stability and beauty that is built to last for years to come. 



We specialize in designing and building with natural boulders, finessing each stone into place to ensure stunning artistry.


Growing up on property bordering the nearly 6,500 acre Cuivre River State Park, the Bauers spent their lives exploring the secrets of the woods from the mossy creek bottoms to the oak covered hilltops. This powerful experience was essential for the creation of a natural aspect to Bauer Falls –– created with the idea of bringing as much nature to people as possible. During their time spent in nature, they studied the way rocks and boulders tumble into place along with the ebb and flow of streams, which became embedded in their minds. They have used that natural institutional memory to make their clients feel as though a real spring flows from their land.

The Bauer Brothers won Garden of the Year for creating an elite waterfall featuring nearly 1,000 tons (37 semi loads) of natural stone boulders that pumps 48,000 gallons of water per hour. Their lifelong passion for nature led them into this exclusive artistry designing expansive waterfalls.


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Are you ready to create that tranquil serenity right in your backyard? At Bauer Falls, we are here to help turn that dream into a reality. Whether you dream of a man-made waterfall, exquisite landscaping, or beautiful natural stone paths or walls, we are ready to provide.

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